Shows Were Successful

Participating in a new show is always a little stressful.  It did help, I’m sure,  that the show was held in the same location and during the same time as the previous show.  But you never know for sure if this new venture will be accepted in the same way or with the same enthusiasm.  Now that the show is over I can breathe a little easier because, for me at least, it was a success!!  Attendance at the western Masters Art Show was great and the people at the show seemed to respond quite well to the change.  I felt the atmosphere throughout the whole weekend was very upbeat and exciting.  I feel this new show is on the right track and the future looks pretty bright.

The weekend after the Western Masters Art Show, I participated for the first time in a show held at the Circle L Arena in Belgrade, Montana.  Since it was close to home, it was a little more relaxing for me and turned out to be a very nice show.  It was great to visit with old friends and meet quite a few new ones.

At the end of the month I will be sending some pieces to a new venture called the Western Art Rodeo in Sundance, Utah.  It is an interesting concept patterned after the sport of rodeo.  There will be short go rounds in which you can enter your work,  and if you win at this level, you will receive monies, and this puts you in the running for the finals. It gives anyone and everyone a chance to get their art work out there and a chance to compete without having to go through the jury process.  It will be interesting to see what happens!!

May 20th to the 22nd, I will be at the Ellensburg National Art Show and Auction in Ellensburg, Washington.  I am busy at the moment trying to get some new paintings done for this show.  I have two paintings in the auction and I will probably participate in the quick draw this year.  I always look  forward to doing this show!!

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