Each image is of an original oil painting by Karen Boylan.  Click on any image to see the full painting information and availability of prints. 

Prices are: Ornaments $10 each; Coasters $5 each; Cutting Boards $30 each; Key Holders $28 each; Mouse Pads $15 each; Notecards (5.25″ x 4.25″) $8 for pack of 8 with envelopes; Notecards (9.25″ x 4″) $10 for pack of 8 with envelopes.

Original paintings and prints are priced as listed on each painting’s details if available. 

Select an option below to see which images are available under each product option.  

Please visit our Order Products page to purchase or call Karen directly at 406-581-3226

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  • Christmas Ornaments
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  • Notecards 9.25" x 4"
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