Back to Ellensburg, Wa

As usual, it has been a very busy summer.  I did manage to get a couple of paintings done, along with the usual lawn work and summer activities.  During the month of august I went to south Dakota for a photo shoot to freshen up my photo files and, as usual, returned  with  lots of inspiration to pick up my paint brushes and get busy once again.

Labor Day Weekend  meant another trip to Ellensburg, Wa. for the parade and rodeo since my image of a bull rider was used for the 2011 Rodeo Poster.  The weekend was fast and furious, but my husband and I managed to participate in the parade in the morning, enjoy the rodeo in the afternoon, and were invited to a wonderful supper by some very good friends of ours from Ellensburg who also took us to the Xtreme bulls in the evening.  Thanks Rob and Louise.

And speaking of very good friends, I  just returned from a trip to Yellowstone Park with Vickie Flyg and Kaye York.  What a wonderful way to spend time with two fellow artists.  It was so much fun and we managed to get some wonderful photographs, even though it meant almost freezing to death in the early morning hours!!  It’s amazing what we are willing to do for that masterpiece we are always striving to create!!

My next show will be the Northern International Livestock Exposition in Billings.  So I will be trying to get a few more paintings started,  get busy framing more pieces and getting things ready for the show.

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